Another season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War content is upon us, and as usual, it brings lots of new toys to play with. This time around, along with new maps, weapons, and operators, there’s a major new gameplay mode to get to grips with if you’re a Zombies fan. Of course, there’s plenty of new stuff to sink your teeth into even if you don’t love Zombies, and you can expect a big new Warzone content drop too. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s new in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2!

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Updates

New Operators

Call of duty Season 2 New operators
With the release of Season 2 come many new operators!

There are four brand new Operators coming in Season 2. One Operator is available right from the get-go, while the others are being unlocked as the season goes on.

Naga (Warsaw Pact)

Naga’s real name is Kapano Vang. He’s a warlord who acquired his wealth through ill-gotten means, and he’s now been recruited by Perseus, allowing him to take his reign of terror global. Naga is available from Season 2’s launch week.

Maxis (Nato)

Black Ops Cold War marks the first time recurring franchise character Samantha Maxis is playable, and not simply in the Zombies mode. She’s a NATO member who can be purchased from the Store via a character pack.

Wolf (Nato)

Terrell Wolf is a hunter from Louisiana who cut his teeth in the bayous. He’s an elite Delta Force sniper who joined the military on his 18th birthday, and you can grab him via the store.

Rivas (Nato)

The final new Operator in Season 2 is another Nato member who grew up around the drug cartels in Nicaragua. She’s a guerrilla fighter who uses her combat expertise to battle the cartels. Once again, you can grab Rivas via the store.

New Weapons

Call of duty season 2 new weapons
Season 2 releases new weapons!

Six new weapons are available for you to check out in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2. There should be something for everyone here, so let’s take a look.


The FARA 83 is a lightning-fast assault rifle with an incredible effective range. You can get it in the Season 2 Battle Pass simply by playing the game.


If you’re a mid-range combat specialist, the LC10 is your weapon. It’s a submachine gun with an emphasis on accuracy but lower damage to compensate. Like the FARA 83, it’s available in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

ZRG 20mm

Long-range specialists will love the ZRG 20mm, which is a sniper rifle capable of devastating damage at long range. You can either get it via the Store or by completing a Challenge.

R1 Shadowhunter

The R1 Shadowhunter is a crossbow capable of quiet kills and accurate shooting. Again, you’ll need to either complete a Challenge or purchase this weapon’s Blueprint in order to obtain it.


And now for something completely different. The E-Tool is a shovel-style melee weapon normally used for digging defensive outposts. Complete a Challenge or grab a Blueprint from the store to get this one.


You’ll often see jungle soldiers slashing through the undergrowth with machetes, so imagine what kind of damage they can do as melee weapons. Buy the Blueprint or complete a related Challenge for the Machete to get it.

Brand New Zombies Mode – Outbreak

Zombie Outbreak Call of duty Cold war
Everyone loves Zombies, that’s why they have released Zombie Outbreak – A NEW MAP!

Outbreak is a huge, open-ended Zombies experience taking place across a vast map set in the Ural Mountains. You and your squad must hunt for loot, deal with new world events, and, of course, destroy hordes upon hordes of the slavering undead. You don’t need to take a set path towards your objective, so you’re free to explore the map and find whatever secrets you can before making a break for it. There are several different objective types including defence, escort missions, and asset retrieval, so be sure to check out Outbreak for a new twist on classic Zombies gameplay.

New Multiplayer Maps

Call of duty Seasons 2 New maps
New maps are released in Season 2 – More to Explore!

You’ll find four new Multiplayer maps available in Season 2 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. They’re all available for free, whether or not you purchase the Battle Pass. Here they are.

Apocalypse – 6v6

A relatively small map focused around close-quarters engagements and revolving around a central road area, with buildings and a temple close by for hiding and skirmishing.

Miami Strike – 6v6

Golova – Multi-Team

A traditional Russian village with plenty of opportunities for close-quarters engagements and places to hide. You’ll still find places to stash yourself if you’re a sniper, but this map is all about getting up close and personal.

Mansion – 2v2 and 3v3

A small map with two open courtyards flanking a central room. Like the other two maps on display, Mansion is a relatively small map, so it’s all about finding the right angle from which to ambush your enemy.

New Multiplayer Modes

COD Season 2 Multiplayer modes
We all love new multiplayer modes!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2 brings a few new Multiplayer modes to test your mettle.

Gun Game – Free-for-all

Players must progress through a set series of weapons, beginning with the Pistol and ending with the Knife. Landing a kill with a melee attack or finisher will force your enemy back one weapon. The first player to get a kill with every weapon wins.

Stockpile – 6v6

You’ll need to kill enemies for dog tags in this mode, but dog tags won’t count towards your overall score until you drop them off at predetermined deposit sites. If you’re killed, you’ll drop your tags, so don’t hoard them for too long.

Hardpoint – Multi-team

Ten squads of four players each must capture and protect Hardpoint areas around the map. These areas will change every two minutes, so you’ll need to stay on your toes if you want to win.

New Scorestreaks and Challenges

Call of duty cold war scorestreaks
New Scorestreaks come to Call Of Duty: Cold War

There are also plenty of new miscellaneous things to discover to round off Black Ops Cold War’s new content. The Death Machine is a new Scorestreak minigun capable of huge damage in a short space of time. The Sedan and Light Truck are new vehicles you’ll find in Outbreak, with plenty of room to transport your squad across huge distances. You’ll also find new Season Challenges and extra Prestige Levels to unlock in Black Ops Cold War Season 2, so be on the lookout for those!

Call of Duty: Warzone

Rounding off Season 2 is a bunch of new content for battle royale stalwart Warzone. All of the new Operators and weapons from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War make an appearance in Warzone, too, thanks to content synchronising across both games. Here’s what’s coming to Warzone in Season 2.

New Points of Interest

There’s lots of new stuff to discover across Verdansk in Season 2. Deep underground, something is happening that warrants both exploration and caution, while the cargo tanker Vodianoy is coming back to port laden with unknown cargo and a potentially hostile (or missing) crew. It’s up to you to find out the truth behind these new and potentially hazardous discoveries.

New Game Modes


The Exfiltration game mode involves finding a radio somewhere in Verdansk and grabbing it. If you manage to get the radio and keep it with you for enough time, you’ll automatically win the game for yourself or your Squad. However, if you do have the radio, you’ll be marked like you were an HVT (High Value Target), so everyone will know where you are. Otherwise, it’s business as usual for Warzone. Don’t let yourself get caught with the radio!

Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme

This new mode increases Rebirth Island’s player limit to 90, but it’s effectively the same as the Rebirth gameplay mode. If your Rebirth Countdown hits zero, you can spawn back into the island, with Caches around the map replenishing your item stocks.

That’s everything that’s new in Season 2! We’re looking forward to diving back into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone to continue the fight for multiplayer dominance.