Excellent, you have selected a COD Point package, please now enter your COD: Mobile username in the field provided below. We never ask for your PASSWORD. To deliver the points we only require your username. If you are looking for COD Credits please head back to our homepage.

Our service is automated, if you experience issues whilst claiming COD Credits or COD Points please contact us at our contact page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my COD Points?

It usually takes around one hour to start delivering the COD Points however please allow up to six hours before contacting our support. Please also ensure you entered the correct username.

How often can I use your service?

We understand you want to dominate the game and become the most attractive player on the battlefield. But we also want to ensure your account is completely safe, that’s why we have implemented a 24 hour cool down period per username.

How do I know if this works?

Head over to our homepage and check out link linking to COD: Forums where we have many testimonals and reviews. Feel free to check them out for yourself.

Is this dangerous for my account?

Although we have never had an account banned, you need to understand that this is a cheat with all cheats it carries risks and unlike other serviced we like to make this as clear as possible. Try to use the service as minimal as you can.